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Admin Chat is a brand new forum created for webmasters to talk about web related topics ranging from owning a forum to advertising!

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Admin Chat Rules

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1 Admin Chat Rules on Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:44 pm


Hello and welcome to Admin Chat! We're a brand new community for admins of all levels to come share and promote their tips, tricks, and even their own projects at. Here are a few rules that every member should follow. Remember these rules can change at any time so please keep an eye out on this topic.

1. Please do not start flame wars, or attack other members. If you see another member break this rule please let the staff know about it by reporting their posts.

2. Please do not steal other member's work! If you do not have permission to use other members graphics please do not steal them.

3. Please refrain from posting websites that run or distributes nulled scripts, or warez. We don't allow that sort of material here at AC. If you see that someone is running a nulled script on their site please send a member of staff a PM with proof.

4. Please do not backseat moderate. We have staff for a reason, again if you see a post that breaks any of our rules please use the report button.

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